Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frontend Practice?

Frontend Practice is a collection of real websites for developers to recreate as a way to improve and test their skills. We believe that a building from scratch approach will teach you a multitude of skills, including design, interactions, animations, troubleshooting, responsiveness, and more.

Why did you pick these websites?

Picking which websites to feature on Frontend Practice is a personal preference based on several factors, such as:

  • Design & style.
  • Difficulty to recreate.*
  • Elements & features that offer a learning opportunity.

*Some projects will be harder than others to recreate.

I'm stuck! Where is the code?

We try to provide a handful of resources to help with projects but there will always be an unforeseen challenge. This is where the learning really begins. We recommend troubleshooting these obstacles yourself or asking others for help. You may find using the developer tools on the live website very helpful also.

Where do I find images and icons?

You can find most of the images for each website by exploring the developer tools on the live website. If needed, Pexels & Pixabay offer stock photos and Font Awesome has a range of icons.

The live website does not look like the project anymore!

How dare they update their website. We will talk with their manager right away. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Kyle on Twitter and let him know. He'll make the necessary updates if the website has undergone major changes.

How often are new websites added?

There is not a strict schedule at the moment but we plan to add new collections periodically.

Can I use these in my portfolio?

If you do decide to use these projects for a portfolio piece, please make it known that it is "unofficial". We would challenge you to make these projects your own by using your choice of colors, content, and images.

These are practice projects and any and all materials owned by companies and individuals whose websites are featured on Frontend Practice are meant for practice purposes only.

Future plans?

We hope to continue to add more real websites and in time create our own educational content to help guide you through recreating many of the websites featured on Frontend Practice.